Does it Really Help to Drink Cold White Wine before Bed?

Drink Cold White Wine before BedUnless nights are quite chilly, drinking a glass of cold white wine before bed can be a healthy plan. There are many ways to get resveratrol through diet, and several studies have confirmed that. An earlier study in 2012 indicated that drinking wine later in the day can reduce your cravings for snacks in the evening. As reported by various clinical studies, snacking is one of the common ways to boost weight gain. They tend to interrupt metabolic conditions, forcing the body to digest food instead of taking a break.

When your body is actively digesting and absorbing food, it creates a wave rhythm that denies you a good sleep. When more calories are being added to your body during the night, you are likely to stay awake for several hours. Sleep disruptions have also been linked to excessive eating, which stimulates prolonged digestion process until late at night. This means you are taking in more calories than the recommended amount per 24 hours. So, reducing your hunger with a glass of cold white wine in the evening can be the best way to eliminate snacking!

Health Benefits of Cold White Wine

Natural resveratrol

white wineThe functions of resveratrol are similar to phytoalexin, which is an antimicrobial and antioxidant compound that is produced by plants (including berries used to make wine) naturally to protect them from adverse environmental elements and infections. If the compound is consumed by humans, the antioxidants and antimicrobial properties offer different health benefits such as preventing obesity, diabetes, and blood clots.

Control blood sugar level

As reported by various natural health institutes, people suffering from diabetes type 2 should drink white wine to help in controlling blood sugar level. It improves insulin resistance, and hence reducing the excess amount of glucose in the blood.

Improves skin looks

Resveratrol contains anti-aging properties derived from the release of SIRT1, a compound that slows aging and increases cell metabolic reactions. As the overall body goes to rest for the night, giving it a boost with a glass of wine can improve the overall relaxation and moods, as well as enhancing your skin texture.

Improved heart health

Based on studies on health benefits of resveratrol, white wine has been severally linked to increasing heart health. Alongside improving heart health, white wine also strengthens bones same way as workouts. Another study has also shown that drinking a glass of white wine in the evening is good to relax the exhausted mind.

Reduces risk of cancer

Various reports show that drinking white wine helps to suppress the activity of aromatase, an enzyme known for causing cancer. The same report indicates that many people who drink a glass of white wine reduce the risk of developing colon cancer. Also, men who drink about 4 to 7 glasses of white wine are not likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Keep Your Wine in Wine Coolers to Preserve Quality

The above benefits are interesting to every wine lover out there. If you are a wine fanatic, perhaps you store a few bottles in your house. However, many people have issues with the quality of their wines. Remember, how and where you keep your wine determines its quality once it stays for a few days. So, you need to look for a wine cooler.

Several homes have wine coolers, as long as there are wine drinkers around. Wine coolers chill your wine to the preferred temperature. Some of the coolers are portable, meaning you can just put it anywhere. If you are a starter, it is worth noting that wine coolers can store your wine at the appropriate condition for a long very long time. They have an array of advantages due to their advanced features that are not found in the ordinary refrigerators.

There are also environmentally-friendly designed coolers with thermoelectric medium cooling features to help in saving on energy bills. This is also a significant benefit towards environmental protection. With the wine coolers, there is neither use of harmful chemicals nor release of emissions in the cooling process.

For those that do not prefer drinking wine, there are other ways to consume resveratrol. After all, white wine is made of berries, grapes, or apples. These plants release those essential antioxidants and antimicrobial compounds, which can help your body to burn calories, increase energy production, and other many health benefits.

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