How Do You Get Rid of Old Ammunition – How to Store

old ammunitionMany people (firearm holders in this case) realize that they are piling up old or corroded ammunition, which they won’t want to risk shooting. Sometimes, they notice some of the bullets are already damaged due to poor storage conditions, and now they start thinking how to eliminate them.  No one would want to stockpile bad ammo. Many want to get rid of them.

Regardless of what kind of advice you get from friends and relatives, disposing of bad ammo should be done taking into consideration the legal procedures and environmental protection.

Bad Ammunition Storage

If you were to store bad ammunition, perhaps you have just a few ones that don’t require a huge space in your house. As a responsible gun owner, you need to understand the significance of using proper gun safes. Gun safes are not only meant for storing guns, but also for keeping your ammo appropriately. Also, you should note that bullets contain harmful chemicals including lead, a very hazardous heavy metal. Leaving the bullets exposed to the environment can cause serious soil pollution.

Gun safes provide a better way to keep weapons and ammo away from unwanted people. There are many different types of gun safes that offer a varied degree of protection levels and storage capacity.

Handgun and pistol safes

These have a compact design that can fit easily underneath your bed. Since handguns are used for quick protection against intrusion, you can place the gun safe in a nightstand drawer for easy access. If you have a few damaged or bad bullets, you can choose to store them in the gun safe. This is the safest place to prevent young ones from accessing them.

Rifle and shotgun safes

Old Ammunition storageThese are designed to hold large weapons, and they are heavier than their handgun counterparts. They have advanced features such as several layers of fire insulating material, high-gauge steel construction, internal compartments for ammunition, and compartments for pistols. There are also bolt locks to ensure the firearms and ammo stay secure throughout.

Environmental Concerns about Disposing Bad/Old Ammunition

Those individuals with a few rounds they want to get rid of, there are methods that are not recommended by environmentalists. As mentioned earlier, the best approach to dispose ammunition is through storing them in a gun safe. However, what if they are too many to store in a gun safe? Alright, that will be covered later in this article.

It is not safe to bury damaged ammo at the back of your backyard. Burying a few bullets may seem safe, but there are some negative environmental impacts associated. Even though lead exists naturally in the soil, the concentration is not as high as in the bullet. What if someone else moves into the home and decides to grow some vegetables on top of your ammunition landfill? According to various studies, most vegetables tend to absorb heavy metals that may find their way into human bodies through food.

Disabling old ammunition is another method many firearm owners use, however, it is not recommended. Environmentalists have found that bullets thrown into the trash after disabling contain high concentrations of lead. Whichever method used to disable the bullets, there are traces of lead that are left behind.

How to Get Rid of Bad Ammunition Appropriately

Old Ammunition storeIf you have got a large batch of damaged ammunition, you need a more appropriate method of eliminating them rather than burying or disabling and throwing to the environment. You should call a professional who can advise or dispose your stockpile of ammo.

Local law enforcement

If your immediate neighbor is a cop, you can request the person to take care of your damaged bullets. Or else, call a local police station and ask them to come and collect them. Not all police departments handle the bad or damaged rounds, so you need to enquire first.

Hazardous waste facility

If you cannot reach the police department at the moment, consider calling the nearest hazardous waste facility. However, they might not be able to allow dumping of ammo into the hazardous waste landfills but they will provide advice.

In case you have a larger quantity of bad ammo, you can inquire from a local indoor shooting range to see if they can take a few off your hands. In order to continue advocating for a cleaner and healthy environment, it is wiser to dispose your ammo in a safer manner. You can check your state laws so that you can be sure of what you do.

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