Indoor vs Outdoor Cinemas

Going to a cinema is a beautiful experience and a fun way to spend an evening with your loved ones. There are two types of cinemas – indoor and outdoor. Some people prefer the first and others prefer the second type more. It’s a personal preference which is better but if you are having doubts about which has more pros than cons, here’s a list of things that will help you make up your mind.

Pros and cons of the indoor cinema

indoor cinemaAn indoor cinema or a theatre is a place where people go to see movies. On a big screen and a high tech surround system, people enjoy what they’ve chosen to watch. The most important pros of the indoor cinema compared to the outdoor is the roof over the spectators’ heads. You don’t depend on the weather conditions and you can listen to the sound perfectly without being distracted from outdoor noises. The sound is another positive thing about indoor cinemas. All indoor cinemas have state of the art surround systems providing perfect sound. On top of everything, you can go to the indoor cinema at any time of the year, no matter if it is winter or summer and if it’s too cold or too hot. Cinemas are equipped with air-conditioning systems that keep the temperature at the average normal at all times.

When it comes to the downsides, we can say that indoor cinemas have a lot compared to the outdoor. The first is the ticket. Indoor cinemas always cost more and often outdoor cinemas are free of charge. Another thing is that here you’re not allowed to bring your own snacks and drinks. You need to spend even more money to buy something.

When it comes to comfort, indoor theaters are again failing. Even though chairs might be perfectly soft, they are still placed too close to a total strangers chair. You might be sharing your personal space with someone that breathes too heavy or is simply annoying you. Since you bought a ticket for that spot, you can’t change it and go someplace else.

Pros and cons of the outdoor cinema

Pros and cons of the outdoor cinemaThe outdoor cinemas also have some pros and cons. Let’s begin with the pros. The best thing about outdoor cinemas is the freedom you have a spectator. No matter if it’s an outdoor cinema that’s meant to be used for seating in your own chair, in a car, or with tents, you can always choose your own place. No one charges more for better seats and no one limits your movement and place from where you’re going to watch.

Outdoor cinemas are always placed in nature which gives you the opportunity to enjoy the surrounding. If it’s a park, you can feel relaxed and breathe some fresh air or take a walk before and after the movie. This type of cinema offers you a much wider chance for spending quality time with your loved ones than just watching the movie.

Another very convenient thing about them is that you’re able to bring your own food and drinks. People that often go to outdoor cinemas come prepared for this event. This means having personal lunch coolers is a must if you want to spend the best possible time at the cinema.

What are personal lunch coolers

For those that are not familiar or don’t know too much about personal lunch coolers, here’s a paragraph or two. Personal lunch coolers are specially designed bags that keep your food and drinks safe from spoiling. They are especially important in the summer when the weather is hot and there’s a bigger risk from spoiling your food. No matter if you watch from a tent, in the car, or you placed your chair at the perfect spot, always have the personal lunch cooler next to you. Different sizes for a different number of people exist on the market so you can find the cooler that fits you the most.

If we talk about the cons of the outdoor cinema, that would be the weather, of course. You can never accurately predict the weather. A rain shower can come from nowhere and ruin your plans. Even if you’re watching from your car, it will still be an experience that is not perfect.

The sound is another thing that’s a downside of outdoor cinemas. Most outdoor cinemas have a big screen in front of you and a sound system that provides only the important sounds. Even if the organizer of the cinema tries more, out in the open sounds tend to disperse more quickly and the quality eventually gets lost. Also, you can’t eliminate airplane sounds, traffic and the surroundings no matter where the cinema is placed.

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