New Generation Thermostats and Their Impact on Our Lives

use of smart thermostatsAccording to a research carried out last year, the use of smart thermostats has been escalating among homeowners since 2014. They are ‘clever’ gadgets that represent the modern trend in controlling home heating, which in turn help lower the energy consumption. A home with smart thermostat means that the temperature of the house can be adjusted and monitored from any device such smartphone, tablet, or a computer connected to the Internet.

A traditional thermostat allows you to control space temperature using a control panel. A Wi-Fi thermostat (smart thermostat) offers a more effective and user-friendly control over your house’s heating using three fundamental components. The first component is plugged directly into the boiler and can communicate to the second component – thermostat – wirelessly. The third component is an application, which can be downloaded to any smart device such as a smartphone. The user can control the thermostat through the app remotely, and thus allow you to adjust your home heating from anywhere.

Apart from the basic structure of the smart thermostat, there are newer models with advanced features such as ‘learning’ ability to monitor your daily schedules. They can detect when your smartphone is around the house, or even sense while you are at a distance on your way going home. So, depending on how it is programmed, it will start controlling the heating so that you can find a suitable temperature when you reach home. The technology is quite interesting, and every homeowner should consider having a smart thermostat.

Benefits of Wi-Fi Thermostats

Benefits of Wi-Fi ThermostatsAccording to a study on domestic energy consumption, nearly half of home’s energy is consumed through heating and cooling. Homeowners with thermostats use less energy in heating and cooling because they can control temperature, and thus reduce energy wastage when heating or cooling is not required. Interestingly, those who have smart thermostats use the least energy in heating and cooling.

A Wi-Fi thermostat provides both control and automation. They can be controlled from anywhere using a device connected to the internet, meaning you have control over your house’s climate and temperature. This automated and remote-enabled control can save you a significant amount of money on your energy bill. Moreover, it enables more than just climate and temperature automation.

So, there are several advantages to owning one;

Offers a more organized temperature control

Sometimes, you might leave the AC running. If you have a smart thermostat, you will comfortably switch off by a few taps on your smartphone. The new models can learn your schedules, and then the thermostat handles the raising and dropping of temperature without your intervention. They can as well learn your preference, and therefore manage the home’s climate on its own.

Ability to monitor your home

A Wi-Fi thermostat will be your ‘house observer’ while not in at home. You have an app on your mobile device, which allows you to see the home’s temperature conditions. In case the system is turned on and there is no one in the house, you can just turn it off in order to save energy. For those who just bought new homes, a smart thermostat will help you to oversee the home while you are away.

Adjust home’s temperature remotely

It doesn’t matter where you are in order to control your home’s climate. Whether you are coming from work or you just landed at the airport and you want to get a suitable climate when you reach home. With a smartphone at hand, you can just control the thermostat.

Get alerts via emails

The new smart thermostats support email notification whenever there is a change in temperature in your home. The thermostat detects your temperature preference, and you will get alerts in the event of temperature rising or falling in your home. Interestingly, you will be notified when the thermostat is disconnected from the network, probably due to power supply failure.

Save energy

One of the most reasons to have a smart thermostat is to save a few bucks on your cooling and heating bills. New thermostats come with energy saving settings, which learn your habits and preferences. This means your home’s climate is controlled automatically, hence helping to control energy consumption.

Easy to use

Smart thermostats are programmable, and the recent models have sizeable screens and well-designed mobile apps. You can navigate the apps easily and make settings that you need. The touch screen on the gadget is also user-friendly.

Analyze energy consumption

The newest smart thermostats can read the energy consumption and prepare a simple report for that. This is interesting because you can learn the best habit that can achieve a low energy usage over time. Another attractive feature is the energy efficient settings that allow you to save more on energy!

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