What are the Riskiest Areas of the Body to Apply Deep Massage?

deep massageAs the demand for natural therapies continues to escalate, massage treatment has become one of the top picks for many people. Due to its long history, several modern medical practitioners have endorsed it as an effective procedure to cure and prevent various health disorders. It is now popular around the world, and even educational facilities have been established in different places to train people with interest in a massage therapy career.

However, anything that has its own advantages must have a few shortcomings that cannot be overlooked. These drawbacks are not only based on negatives of massage therapy, but also on the way different masseuses do it. And the fundamental concern among patients is the “pressure issue”. Generally, massage involves shallow and deep treatment. Some areas require shallow massage while others need deep tissue massaging for better results.

massage pressureBut people are different when it comes to massage pressure. The pressure that is comfortable for you may be totally bleak in another person. The same differences apply to body parts. The pressure that works well on the back might be dreadful on the lower legs. Also, pressure tolerance can change with time. The pressure that feels good today could be disastrous after a week.

So, what can we deduce with regard to this? Good massage therapy should be done professionally. The massage therapist should talk to the patient about pressure in order to know whether or not it is too deep. Also, the therapist must show respect by respecting the patient’s preferences and paying attention to those areas that require less pressure for comfort purposes or more pressure for full satisfaction. But, almost every part of the body can be delicate if not handled with care.

Alright, let’s get back to the core subject “the riskiest body parts that don’t deserve deep massage”.

Neck and the upper part of the back are the most known riskiest areas to apply deep massage therapy. Based on massage therapy experts, people with chronic diseases such as high blood pressure can lead to health complications after the massage therapy. Though massage therapy is so good for people, medical experts have been cautioning massage therapists about the risks associated with massaging clients with such specific disorders.

Patients with high blood pressure can be affected by the pressure exerted during a neck or back massage, which could potentially trigger the release of blood clots into the circulation system. High blood pressure is a disease that causes plaques to build up in the blood vessels (usually arteries). So, the blood clots can be transported to highly sensitive organs such as brain or heart, which can lead to stroke or heart attack.

neck or back massage therapyPatients with profound vein thrombosis (DVT) may be at risk of health problems after neck or back massage therapy. This is a condition that causes the development of blood clots in the veins. According to clinical studies, people with DVT may not be aware they have the condition. During massage therapy, the pressure exerted may trigger the release of blood clots, which could be transported to the lungs. The clots are highly harmful to the overall respiratory system.

Another ruinous impact of massage is the potential of nerve damage, especially during a deep tissue massage. The procedure requires pressure deeper beyond the skin layer so that the connective tissues and muscles are well manipulated. If the patient and therapist do not communicate about pressure, too much pressure can lead to temporary nerve damage. According to experts, nerve damage can potentially occur in any part of the body except in the feet areas.

As much as we recommend a communicate massage therapy (between the therapist and the client), proper training on massage therapy is also required. Many therapists who have been trained to work with patients under certain medical treatments are the best choice. They understand the areas that require deep and shallow massage therapy depending on the condition of a patient.

What about feet massage therapy?

This is a common question as many people prefer feet massaging even if it means doing it on a daily basis. Of course, it is nice to relax after a long day standing up and walking around. There is an array of health benefits, whether you go for a traditional therapeutic method or aromatherapy which involves the use of feet massage experts and products. As mentioned earlier, it is one of the safest areas to get deep massage therapy. However, you need to read the advice below from professional massage therapists. Or, simply you can choose a foot massager to purchase.

Advice from Experts

There are some medical conditions that may deter you from massage therapy before consulting your medical doctor. These include fractured bones, cancer, blood clots, burns, lesions, arthritis, skin rashes, osteoporosis, and certain skin infections. If you have any these disorders, it is highly advisable to consult your physician before receiving massage therapy.

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